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Gutter Cleaning – When to Clean Your Gutters

When is the best time to clean your gutters? Spring and fall are the best times to clean your gutters since standing water is one of the biggest causes of clogged gutters. If left unchecked, standing water can damage your home and cause leaks and algae growth. Luckily, you can hire a professional company to handle your gutter cleaning! It can range from two to three times a year, depending on how much rainfall falls near your home.

Pressure Washing

Gutter Cleaning will use the best equipment and chemicals to clean your gutters. Some companies even use powerful power washers and industrial-strength vacuums. And some of them also use wet/dry technology, which alternates between power washing and vacuuming. You can rest assured that the cleaners will get all the debris and dirt clogging your gutters.

Gutter cleaning companies must have adequate liability insurance. You should always check the equipment used by a gutter cleaning company. They should be bonded, insured, and carry liability insurance. Ask to see a list of the tools they will use, and check that they have adequate worker’s comp and liability insurance. Buying insurance is also important, as you never know if a company will get into an accident or damage your home.

Depending on the number of trees near your house, you may want to hire a professional gutter cleaning service. While some homeowners may attempt to clean their gutters themselves, gutter cleaning companies are usually more than happy to offer regular maintenance and biannual or annual cleanings incentives. A professional gutter cleaning company will almost always be worth the extra money. Remember to follow all safety guidelines and hire a qualified professional. Your gutters will thank you!

Regarding ladder safety, it’s important to remember to wear sturdy shoes and clothes that keep you safe. Also, remember to put rocks under your ladder’s legs to increase stability. And don’t forget to wear a waterproof glove, and take note of the temperature of your surroundings! You should never fall into the gutters without proper safety equipment! When you hire a professional gutter cleaning company, you’ll be sure to have a professional gutter cleaner who’ll clean your gutters professionally.

Apart from safety, gutter cleaning services also have behavioral benefits. By cleaning your gutters regularly, you’ll be conditioning yourself to be more vigilant and cautious. Your attention will be more focused on other aspects of your home’s maintenance. You will become more aware of your home’s different nooks and crannies. So, the next time you hire a gutter cleaning company, consider this in 2006. The benefits of hiring professionals are endless!

Water will accumulate inside if you don’t regularly clean your gutters. This will lead to the fascia board’s gradual rot and a costly foundation repair. Moreover, if your gutters are clogged, water will leak into your basement and foundation, causing harmful mold and mildew growth. Regular gutter cleaning is a necessary step to avoid this nightmare. Investing in gutter guards is always better than putting your house at risk.

When hiring a professional to clean your gutters, check whether the company’s price is reasonable. You should expect to pay between $120 and $220 for a professional gutter cleaning job. However, it’s worth remembering that it’s a dangerous job. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, two 40,000 people were injured by ladder falls in 2009 alone. However, gutter cleaning may be a great DIY project if you’re not very comfortable with heights and cleaning tools.

When you hire a gutter cleaning company, make sure you follow their etiquette. Professional gutter cleaners do not usually leave a tip, but you should always offer them hot and cold drinks in winter and summer. A simple, straightforward job like this can help you improve your home’s curb appeal and make it look better. But don’t forget to do your gutter cleaning project before the winter hits. You’ll be glad you did.

Make sure to have a rigid, curved end to reach high gutters. Using some tools, you can stand on the ground and spray your entire channel, working your way back to the downspout. While this method is cheap and easy to use, you must also consider safety. You can always use a garden hose if your gutters aren’t clogged enough to require professional help.